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By the end of 2005 (on December 21st) OSA received from US medal for contribution for fight terrorism. This recognition is result of responsible and professional work of employees and leadership of Agency, who succeeded during year and half, in organizational and functional sense, to establish modern Agency, which is able to response to most complex counterterrorism tasks and also to perform activities of suppression and blocking of organized crime in B&H.

The end of the year was opportunity to summarize results, and, also, opportunity to advance the work of Agency. For that reason director of OSA/OBA B&H Almir Dzuvo recently visited US, where he had opportunity to exchange opinions with representatives of security structures, and also to receive, on behalf of all employees of Agency, recognition for contribution for fight terrorism, which is also recognition for B&H in whole and its reforming efforts to be in all segments, and also in security, part of regional, European and world integration processes. Recognition which OSA/OBA received is highest recognition which one agency could get from US.

George H.W. Bush Award for excellence in counterterrorism

Intelligence - Security agency of B&H (OSA/OBA B&H) received
recognition for contribution for fight terrorism