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General Director Almir Dzuvo

Sarajevo, January 1st 2005



Honored citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in this introductory I have privilege to promote WEB site of Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Institution which I head since June 1st 2004, after Parliament Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted Law on Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina at sessions of House of Representatives and House of People in March 2004, which was one of the most important steps in transition of Bosnia and Herzegovina towards true democracy and European Union.

In that context, I personally consider WEB site of Intelligence and Security Agency as a typical electronic seal, which confirms commitment of Bosnia and Herzegovina in aspiring towards internal integration by forming the Agency on state level, but also towards external integration in region, Europe (EU) and the World (globalization), so in that way Bosnia and Herzegovina will, relatively fast, line up with states that we call states of social welfare.

The State Parliament and Council of Ministries have given grate responsibility and honorable duty to employees and leadership of the Agency to prevent, in according to the Law, threats to sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to its constitutional order and economical system. By cooperating with other institutions in security system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and wider with other states in region, Europe, and whole world, we are obliged to provide protection to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina from terrorism, organized crime, to investigate and document acts punishable by International Humanitarian Law and acts of organized violence or frightening national or religious groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In a word, we have obligation to protect interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina, rights and freedoms of citizens without distinction of national, religious, political or any other kind of affiliation. Members of all nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the Agency will fulfill that obligation on honorable and professional manner, working exclusively in according to the Law and by applying standards known by the most developed democracies in the World.

This WEB site is result of that determination. It enables citizens to see how much we are in their function and function of their interests, rights and freedoms, and I hope that Internet as a tool and phenomenon of globalization shall be useful to citizens and Agency to reach common goal - safe and perspective existence in democratic Bosnia and Herzegovina.


With respect,

General Director

Almir Dzuvo