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The Law of Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a common act of foreign and domestic experts, and adopted thanks to foreign and domestic efforts to bring Bosnia and Herzegovina closer to desirable, and from all, favored Euro-Atlantic integrations, in the segment of Internal establishment.

Legislator kept in sight need of State for independent information and analysis important for security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and particularly need for establishing mechanism of collecting information on acts punishable by International Law and threats for constitutional order and viability of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, High Representative brought decision to establish Expert commission for reform Intelligence and Security Agency on 29 May 2003.

Expert commission has been working hard and professional with aim to esteem deadline and made draft of Law of Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina on which international experts and organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina gave commentary, and made also compliments to that plan, and, inter alia, emphasized that in many ways this Law fulfilled the highest European standards and evaluated it as one of the most effective laws of that kind in the Europe.

First of all there is protection of interests of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in way to ensure highest standards of human rights which are recognized on International level, including rights from the European Convection for Protection Human Rights and Main Freedoms and its Protocols.

On March 22nd 2004 based on article IV.4.a of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Parliament Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at session of House of Representative and House of People, adopted Law of Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This law came into force eighth day after been published in Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina, number 12 from April 14th 2004.

* * *

Complete text of Law on the Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina You can find on the next page.