Welcome to the web page of the Intelligence – Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina aimed at providing you with basic information on the Agency, its role within security system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its competencies and organizational structure. Striving for modernizing, updating and strengthening its capacities, as well as developing public relations, Intelligence – Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Agency later in the text) has uploaded new web page following modern trends.

Agency is responsible for gathering, analyzing and disseminating intelligence to authorized bodies on threats to the security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the country and abroad, whereas threats upon the security of Bosnia and Herzegovina refer to threats against its sovereignty, territorial integrity, constitutional order, and fundamental economic stability in BiH. Agency also has the goal of detecting threats against global security, which are detrimental to BiH, including immense changes leading to more complex and intertwined security events in the immediate and broader setting.

Given that the security of Bosnia and Herzegovina is protected by joint efforts of its citizens, state bodies and institutions, we deem necessary for effective national security to be transparent enough toward public about the threats and risks we are encountering. Due to security-related and intelligence activities of the Agency, most of our work is covert to the “public’s eye” ensuring protection of citizens, national interests, our employees and resources.

We truly hope that transparency in our work, presented through our web page, will increase trust in our Agency and our employees, whose daily tasks are protection interests and security of Bosnia and Herzegovina in professional and discreet manner.



  Osman Mehmedagić